December 13th, 2009.

Well, as the year ends, I guess I should say something. Too much has happened to really recap, including my camera fritzing out on me completely. Maybe I'll try again in 2010? Hmm.

Anyway, today I woke up in whistler at 9. Studied briefly before leaving for Vancouver after a quick stop at a local coffeeshop. One of the baristas was a friend of mine, so giant delicious turkey-avocado sandwiches and frothy coffees on the cheaps. My mom drove us down, we listened to dance music and talked about ... music?

It was still snowing as we got to Vancouver a few hours later, which was awesome. We drove by me and Matt's old house and I missed it a lot. Got home and Matt met me in the stairwell, dancing to welcome me. I tried to take a quick nap and failed. Dolled myself up and headed to the craft fair where I sat at the burlesque festival table and sold memberships to the association.

Made a lot of friends, networked like a mad-person, drank 3 free mimosas and a cupcake, bought a magnet with my friend's body on it, sold 4 memberships, and made 3 houses of cards. I also officially applied for chickenship but kept interrupting the application process by talking about Mr T because I was so stir crazy and tipsy after 4 hours of selling no memberships and making best friends with total strangers. Pretty sure I'm in.(?)

Matt met me for dinner at the cafe next door. I ate a salmon steak, mashed potatoes and coffee. He had fish and chips and a coke. It snowed while we walked home. I read come over come over in bed for the 4th time and took a ten minute nap before my phone rang and a polish striptease artist was outside the apartment to pick up the money and the membership cards.

Came back upstairs and am now lying in bed listening to ridiculous music and trying not to study. I emailed my mom a lady gaga video and am reading about amanda knox for the upteenth time this week.



  1. hi there ! what happened ? I used to follow your blog and was waiting for news and updates...something wrong ?

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